The Music
Kristina E Hudson

Top Ratings! “Commercially viable songs.”
...Judges for Billboard Magazine’s Song Songwriters Contest

“Just Beautiful…what a great vocal talent!”
John Watson, Washington State Vocal Competition & former DJ

Having been said to have a “voice of an angel”, this singer/Songwriter Kristina Erickson Hudson has never let anything stand in her way of reaching her goals. This Seattle native’s lyrics are a reflection of life and speak to the heart. Her original music style, similar to Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, and Dolly Parton has an appeal to wide demographics and is one of Seattle’s most promising emerging artists.

Kristina's voice has been classically trained since age seven. Since then, she has performed in eight countries and on both coasts of the United States and most recently at the Triple Door and Safeco field in Seattle. In her travels, she took home several prestigious awards however singing was not her only passion. Her songwriting began several years ago and she quickly partnered with veteran film composer, drummer, and Emmy Award Winner Stephen Cavit. With great tunes under their belt, Kristina and Stephen captured the attention of Bad Animals Studio Owner, Tom McGurk, who then became a part of the team.

Stephen and Tom's creativity and musicianship are truly amazing. Not only are these two great players, but they are also top-notch writers. Their composition work has been featured regularly on MTV, HBO, BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY and on shows such as CHUCK & BUCK and THE GOOD GIRL and numerous other projects. Tom McGurk is one of the co-owners of Bad Animals Studios and is a five-time Emmy Award Winner. Bad Animals is well known in the music world for the high-end recording facilities. Past music productions at these studios have won multiple Grammy Awards.

Together they completed the EP entitled TELL ME. All experienced performers, the group has played sets in local venues to bring the music to the people of the Pacific Northwest. They have played at the Triple Door and during the "Field of Lights" celebration at Safeco Field with Chris DeGarmo on guitar, Nancy Wharton on Cello and Lyn McManus on backing vocals.

The group was honored to have been selected for the CHRISTMAS IN THE NORTHWEST CD vol. 6 which features prominent local artists such as Loni Rose, the Coats, and Grammy winners Tingstad and Rumble.

In addition, Kristina's music was included during the ending credits of James Canfield's new indie film FEEDING THE HAWK.

“Beautiful vocals with a catchy acoustic guitar…songs that deserve to be heard”
  • Vocal Coaches & Mentors 
  • Maestro David Kyle
    World-class vocal coach
    Seattle, Washington
  • Valerie Yockey
    Renowned vocal coach
    Seattle, Washington
    1995-1996, 2003
  • Dr. Jerome Wright
    Director of the Seattle Girls' Choir
    Seattle, Washington


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