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Kristina E Hudson

Kristina Erickson Hudson has 16 years of business development experience in the entertainment and digital media industries. In 2004, she founded the Washington Interactive Network, a program designed to brand the Seattle region as a global center for video game development. She believes that this region is the apex of arts and technology - a place where the technology is disruptive and the spirit of innovation thrives.

Kristina's work is driven by an incredible passion. That passion has lead to success, as she has already won two international awards from the International Economic Development Council and helped to create over 2,500 jobs in the last five years.

To learn more about Kristina's professional background, go to About Me. To follow her on Twitter and Facebook, go to Connect.

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Go to Vimeo to see her most recent events or to WINetworkTV  on UStream for the early years.

Kristina Erickson Hudson
Seattle, Washington
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